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Why Didn't My Property Sell?

List your house or other property in Northeastern Ohio only to see it sit on the market?  Why didn't your home or your land in Ashtabula County not sell?

There may be many reasons why your property didn't sell including price, advertising and/or market conditions.

While this list is not all inclusive, here are some points to ponder:


1- How long was your house or land on the market?

2- What was the asking price when you first listed it?

3- Where and how was your property marketed when it was listed?

4- Where was your property advertised? 

5- Was your property on the Internet? If so, where?

6- Why do you think your house or land didn't sell?

7- Is there anything else your agent could have done?

8- How many buyers toured your home or walked your land?

9- Did you receive any written offers?

10- Were you kept up to date on all activity your property received?


Among other things, marketing is critical!  Don't trust the sale of your property to chance!  

For questions or to discuss marketing your property,  contact Jackie Stewart @ 440-563-6656.


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